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A communique from the outer-zone: Digital dust, bianary fragments ...

touch down and the atmosphere is foriegn. Adjusting the third eye...Regrouping, reclaiming, re-naming the perspective; Ancient to future, focusing the semantics. It's the science of meaning, defining your existence. Building life as if it mattered: a pre-text to the creation of evolution/ the evolution of creation.

the conciousness streams: Picasso hacks my mainframe.This is mutant synthesis, a freestyle universe...

abstract expression. An experiment in thought, sound, language, design, typography, digital media & communication.

sonidos y colores

a big graxias to Russell over at Sounds and Colors for the inclusion of the dub_13 re-versioning of the Tremor track 'Viajante' on their new sounds of Latin America #1 compilation. A great collection including a personal favorite El Hijo de la Cumbia.

"Sounds and Colours
began in order to promote South American music and culture. We felt that Latin American culture was often shown through a narrow lens, missing much of the diversity that makes it such a rich culture. We aim to generate awareness in that culture by fostering relationships with artists and organizations, and by detailing it through our magazine."

I couldn't agree more ! Unlike alot of blogs/zines, etc. Sounds and Colors is always updating and staying alive with new content. The current feature is on Buenos Aires (the Paris of South America) which also happens to be the home of Tremor. So expand your knowledge on an amazingly vibrant cultural scene; past, present and future. Not only an excellent source for mixtapes and compilations the site also has info on film, food and drink, Brasil's current financial state, the Tigre Delta; A wealth of information to blow the minds that have been brainwashed by western media to associate south America with cocaine, kidnappings, big culos and futbol. So they are truly putting the music into context as well as feeding yer head ... as the door mouse said.

Remember: Columbus was the one who was lost !

here's a video that features the original version of 'Viajante' and a link for more info on some truly forward thinking people of any culture; Tremor.

the dub_13 re-version
Tremor - 'Viajante'(la luna voltaje revision) - dub_13 remix

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