2000 light years from home... 01 01 01

A communique from the outer-zone: Digital dust, bianary fragments ...

touch down and the atmosphere is foriegn. Adjusting the third eye...Regrouping, reclaiming, re-naming the perspective; Ancient to future, focusing the semantics. It's the science of meaning, defining your existence. Building life as if it mattered: a pre-text to the creation of evolution/ the evolution of creation.

the conciousness streams: Picasso hacks my mainframe.This is mutant synthesis, a freestyle universe...

abstract expression. An experiment in thought, sound, language, design, typography, digital media & communication.


dub_13 m.i.a:  communique from the outer-zone ... 
me llamo el cangrejo ...

the seemingly obtuse disappearance of dub_13 ... incommunicado. Orbiting. The dark side of the moon where as the ability to transmit or receive is rendered invalid ... the opening few bars of Led Zeppelin's - ´In The Evening´ seem to waft in the atmosphere .. ´ground control to Major Tom ..´ and few smatterings of ... ´till touch down brings me down´. 

Git tha´ picture ?

life is a continual respiration, the rythmns are forever inhaling and exhaling. The tides ebb and flow as the moon runs it´s cycle .. rotations, revolutions.

revolve-lutions = evolution. phases. cycles. Mandala.

"So there is a cycle of the life of the world, and the cycle of the creation of man and his destruction, the cycles of the reign of races and nations, and cycles of time, such as a year, a month, a week, day, and hour.

The nature of each of these cycles has three aspects, the beginning, the culmination and the end, which are named Uruj, Kermal and Zeval; like, for example, new moon, full moon, and waning moon; sunrise, zenith and sunset. These cycles, sub-cycles and under-cycles, and the three aspects of their nature, are divided and distinguished by the nature and course of light. As the light of the sun and moon and of the planets plays the most important part in the life of the world, individually and collectively, so the light of the Spirit of Guidance also divides time into cycles." 
                    -The Sufi Message of Hazrat Inayat Khan

the seeker seeks and the vessel pauses. The quest for further is a heavy passage and taking portage amongst the silence of absolute nothing is often required to save the soul and fortify the vision. And the patience to simply wait for the answers is the cipher of survival.

preparations for a quantum shift in paradigms. The pod that was the studio ´the vibe den´ is docking with a fully functioning mothership to be called ´la chiva galaxtika´ .

fully equipt for explorations into deeper. The hacking and re-writing, re-working of the inner code, the inner architecture. A serious overhaul and updating of gear: six years is a long time to go between updating one's kit.

The circuitry needed reconfiguring ... missions into the planetary alchemy have proved fruitful. But still lacking .. missing something. Obviously I am contented with the work so far. But it´s just not there ! It´s all so yesterday ... footprints of where it´s been. And the vision and pursuit of yet to be is the reason to wake and reach. 

“Ah, but a man's reach should exceed his grasp, or what's a heaven for?”          
- Robert Browning


So the sparks start to flicker and the vessel begins to make it's way back into view. The frequencies tune in and the vibrations begin to hum and buzz. Analogue fuzes with digital and the tones color into hues. Plugin' in and the glow is on the horizon. There's fire in the wire.  ... stay tuned. Soon come.

- dub_13/  The outer-zone via Barranquilla, Colombia S.A. 2011 


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