2000 light years from home... 01 01 01

A communique from the outer-zone: Digital dust, bianary fragments ...

touch down and the atmosphere is foriegn. Adjusting the third eye...Regrouping, reclaiming, re-naming the perspective; Ancient to future, focusing the semantics. It's the science of meaning, defining your existence. Building life as if it mattered: a pre-text to the creation of evolution/ the evolution of creation.

the conciousness streams: Picasso hacks my mainframe.This is mutant synthesis, a freestyle universe...

abstract expression. An experiment in thought, sound, language, design, typography, digital media & communication.

Pulenta inna' I-Tal stylee (roots dub)

Pulenta 'golpe al mundo' (I-Tal reduction)


Pulenta was kind enough to let me have my way with their track so now here is a return to classic form in the manner of a roots version. Only the original tracks were dubbed.


Pulenta 'golpe al mundo' (Ital reduction) - dub_13

Pulenta 'golpe al mundo' (I-Tal instrumental) - dub_13

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