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Pulso de 13

Sending a mil graxias over to Miguel at 'Pulso Beat' for the great press !! Really appreciate the exposure and to be included with such great company.

If you're seeking and have the hunger for what's going down in contemporary Latin music (and not the kind you're going to get from 'mainstream' media sources !) please swing over there, bookmark it, stay in the know and expand your horizons.

Pulso Beat is publication that highlights & supports creative Latin American music all over the world. It was founded in December of 2008 for the express purpose of cultivating a space and creating a voice for original latin music that is not heard through the mainstream venues. An educational and informative voice that opens the minds of our world neighbors to the new rhythms and melodies of Latin music.

Pulso Beat's mission is to be recognized as the convergent space for independent and innovative musical expressions in all of Latin America and its global community.

Since way back in the days of 'Reggae en Espanol' (the godfather of Raggaeton) was first taking shape the voice of the southern hemisphere has been strong in expressing it's distinct identity and place in the 21st century. Unfortunetly mainstream media outlets can't wrap their heads around 'how to market' the sound of a forward pushing Latino voice .. so they give us Shakira. No dis to a homegirl from la 'quilla but  ... really ? If you think this is an acurate and fair representation of what's really out there you have been, once again, misled.

there is so much amazing, inventive, creative and important music (and art of all kind !) coming from the global latin voice and Pulso Beat is a great portal to learn from and be connected to.

as a side note the 'official' soundtrack to the film Voy a Explotar (from the production company of Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna (Y Tu Mama Tambien) is an excellent way to get a taste of the sounds happening now. Carlos Reyes did a wonderful job in compiling this collection: from the beautiful  “C├ímara Lenta” by Javiera Mena (Chile) to truly forward nu-cumbia (and personal fav) of "La Bonita" from El Remolon (Argentina) and trust me, all points in between. Some lean to the more abstract while others favor a more accesible road. But ! Every single track is a unique and sincere expression of very individual artists that just happen to share the same language.

the download and more info about the film and all the artists can be found over here at Club Fonograma another excellent source.
Las Canciones de Maru y Roman



are you down for brown ?   .... Adelante mi gente !


MiguelAngel said...

Gracias mi hermano! Thanks for the love...

dub 13 said...

komo siempre, bro-jito !! .o_0.