2000 light years from home... 01 01 01

A communique from the outer-zone: Digital dust, bianary fragments ...

touch down and the atmosphere is foriegn. Adjusting the third eye...Regrouping, reclaiming, re-naming the perspective; Ancient to future, focusing the semantics. It's the science of meaning, defining your existence. Building life as if it mattered: a pre-text to the creation of evolution/ the evolution of creation.

the conciousness streams: Picasso hacks my mainframe.This is mutant synthesis, a freestyle universe...

abstract expression. An experiment in thought, sound, language, design, typography, digital media & communication.

the alchemy inside: let the mice in ...


 "but I call it ... x-ray music" - Lee 'scratch' Perry 
voodu-circuit root down: Lamp light & green tea ...  

" ... the bass and drums conjure up a dark, vast space, a musical portrait of outer space, with sounds suspended like glowing planets or with fragments of instruments careeining by, leaving trails like comets and meteors.

Dub is a keleidoscopic musical montage which takes sounds originally intended as interlocking parts of another arrangement and using them as raw material, converts them into new and differant sounds; then it's own rythmn and format, it continually reshuffles these new sounds into unusual juxtapositions."

"... it is also a clearing of space, a removal of familiar barriers and divisions." - Luke Ehrlich

"Since machines have delivered us from the horse. Henceforth the question is to deliver us from that other so-called superior animal, man"- Brion Gysin

Pioneers of the "Cut-Up" technique Tristan Tzara & Brion Gysin sought to break the linearity of common literature. Musique Concrete composer and architect, Iannis Xenakis, viewed compositions as reification and formal structures of abstract ideas, not as ends, to be later incorporated into families of compositions. Braque & Picasso re-order perception with Cubism pushing outside the frame, revealing another dimension, digging to find a reality behind mere appearances. Henri Matisse sought "... to modify it's merely local & temporal dimensions. Hence the removal from immediate reality."

Be it the arts, science or thought it is imperative to the human experience, the journey, that we continue to question our realities, to dig deeper and expose the Matrix, because a life un-examined is a life un-lived. Conventional science seeks to reveal the physical dimension but art reveals the inner dimensions, a place beyond time and space. Artist are the scientists of the soul. Tone continues but time expires.

"Art isn't a past time, it's a priesthood."- Jean Cocteau

Dub, cut-up technique, "oblique Strategies", to mention a few, are all means of breaking the modalities of linear thinking,hard wiring deep into the sub-concious and revealing deep freedoms. But we need a balance between the temporal and visceral. And in dub I find that perfect harmony of head candy and heart frequencies.

For me Dub is an archetype, a metaphor, a science as oppsed to a genre or classification.

so ... how is all of this relevant to you being here reading this ? Well, the 21st century is very Burroughs-ian is it not ? A technocracy of pop culture, a global cut-up. But I will fore-go 'Wild Bill's' pessimism because the Orwellian realities are all too present. 

There will always be the struggle of Light v. Dark. Your reality will depend on your perspective.

dub_13 - 'i-Tal refractions'

Matisyahu - 'One Day' (the alpha-wave bhajan) - dub_13 remix

Tremor - 'Viajante'(la luna voltaje revision) - dub_13 remix

But in spite of the overwhelming corporate oppression and explotation of our cultural identities the beauty and soul of the human spirit continues to thrive. Almost everyday I come across magnificent glimmers of unqiue expression. But again, this is perspective and a requirement unto myself that I continue to challenge my own preconcieved notions.

You were right Gil, the revolution will not be televised; it's being uploaded. The micro-chip is our Gutenberg press.

Transculturalism is manifesting at the speed of light.

As we share ideas, perspectives, realities & experiences life cross pollenates and moves forward. What I like to call the evolution of creation/ the creation of evolution. A perpetual work in progress; evolving, morphing constellations of connections & possiblities: A freestyle universe.

diversity, integrity, respect & peace  ... the future is NOW  !! 

*for further readings into the concepts of Transculturalism check out the book by Claude Grunitzky & Trace magazine: "Transclulturalism - how the world is coming together"

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